Couples and Family Counseling School - CFC


“A difference that makes a difference”

The Systemic Approach to Counseling Course has a four-fold purpose that will help: 

  • Raise-up Christian family counselors who can effectively minister to individuals, couples, and families in the nations.
  • Repair the “breach” caused by dysfunction in the family.
  • Restore biblical foundations in society that will effectively meet the challenges of modern day life in the family, at work, in the church, and culture.
  • Introduces students to effective and unique interventions that can make a significant difference in family relationships

Course Details

There are no events for this year.
Course Number: CNH 327 / 328
Language: English
UofN credits: 12
Lecture Phase Fee: 2900.- Swiss francs (+ 50.- for textbooks)
(2nd world: 2200.-)
(3rd world: 1900.-)
Registration Fee: 20.- CHF/$/EUR (30.- for couples) non-refundable

Price drop !!!

In view of the strong Swiss Franc we have taken a step of faith by lowering our school fees by 25%.

Can we invite you to trust that God will also be faithful to provide for you as you apply for our  CFC?
We're looking forward to welcoming you here  :-)

Topics covered include:

  • Systemic thinking & theory - from individual to interpersonal
  • Biblical worldview of marriage & family
  • Systemic work with individuals
  • The family life cycle, transitions, & change
  • Family coordination through communicatiion
  • Emotions, attachments, & systems

Speaker Schedule example (not yet finalized)

  Richard Lahey-James Overview Systemic Approach
  Sarah Lanier Working cross-culturally
  Steve & Ann Reynolds Bowen / Structural approach
  Christian Quartier The Cross
  Sylvie Bolay Process Groups
  Kara Thompson Strategic
  Sara Sandgren Working w/ children, adolescence
  Richard Lahey-James Postmodernity
  Merill Rensberg Attachment