Advanced Training for Counseling Ministry (ATCM) - formerly MMBC

tl_files/images/MMBC.JPG"Training and Equipping You to minister Healing and Restoration"

tl_files/images/MMBC.JPGThis is an intermediate course, focusing on a deeper understanding of relationships and looking at how to strengthen our true self and eliminating what blocks us from developing a healthy Christian identity. It introduces different counseling models and tools to fight dysfunctional lifestyles and false beliefs.

Would you like to disciple and strengthen others and be better equipped to come alongside those who are broken in some areas of their life? This school will challenge you in how you see God, yourself and others and equip you with tools and insights of how to develop the full potential of what God has put in each one of us. You will be challenged to develop and practice your personal integrated counseling approach

Price drop !!!

In view of the strong Swiss Franc we have taken a step of faith by lowering our school fees by 25%.

Can we invite you to trust that God will also be faithful to provide for you as you apply for our ATCM?
We're looking forward to welcoming you here  :-)

Course Details

24.09.2018 - 15.12.2018
12 weeks lecture phase + 12 weeks outreach
Course Number: CNH 315 / 316
Language: English
Lecture Phase Fee: 2'900 Swiss Francs (incl. tuition, room and board)
+50 for materials, books, etc.
(2nd world: 2'200.-)
(3rd world: 1'900.-)
Outreach Fee: max. 2500 Swiss Francs plus airfare (all depending on location)
School Leader: Sylvie Bolay is from the French part of Switzerland. She studied Education at the University of Geneva, and has been involved with YWAM for more than 10 years, working primarily in Counselling schools (including MMBC’s) both as staff and instructor. In addition to directing Schools of Addictive Behaviour counseling, she was the Director of the Restoration Ministry offered at the Chatel YWAM base. She has been part of the YWAM Chatel leadership team for about 3 years.


A Discipleship Training school (DTS) or Cross-Roads DTS with fiel assignement

An Foundations for Counseling Ministry School (FCM) and the completed field assignment. (formerly: IBC)

The subsequent field assignment phase is required for all students working toward a degree in the College of Counseling and Health Care.

For whom is this school?tl_files/images/mmbc2web.jpg

This intensive course is designed for those who are or plan to be involved in some kind of counseling ministry and have demonstrated a basic ability and understanding in the area of counseling.

The course has a threefold purpose:

  1. To build upon and increase ones understanding of counseling and its Biblical foundation.
  2. To teach and enhance counseling skills.
  3. To foster personal development of character qualities neccessary for a Christian counselor.

The program also includes the following components :

  1. Understanding and applying the work of the Cross and the work of the Holy Spirit in counseling.
  2. Models for the integration of Biblical truth with psychological truth.
  3. Diagnosis of barriers to spiritual and emotional growth and maturity, as well as models for ministry into these barriers.
  4. Developing your own Biblical world view for counseling.
  5. The Biblical basis for our sexual identity and ministering to a deficit in this area.
  6. Qualifications of the Biblical counselor.
  7. Models of different counseling styles and methods.
  8. Practice in using and teaching counseling skills.
  9. Instruction and practice in group skills.
These are the speakers and respective topics for the upcoming school:
(If you would like to attend a week as a guest listener, please find details here under 'Open Weeks' and "contact us")

Speaker Schedule example - (not yet finalized)

  Yves Jaques Basic counseling skills
  Martin Bauert Nikanor Model - Motivational interviewing
  Dr. Melvin Hanna Spiritual friendship / Emotions
  Dr. Bruce Thompson Plumbline Plus
  Ed Khouri Joy, the brain and counseling
  Ed Khouri Immanuel process
  tba tba
  Charlotte Yates Defence work / Art therapy
  Martin Bauert Christianity meets psychology
  school staff The Healing Presence
  tba tba
  staff /students Final Exam Presentation & Evaluation