Foundation for Counseling Ministry FCM (formerly IBC)


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This Foundation for Counseling Ministry school (FCM former IBC) focuses on learning relationship skills. Relationships can be a tremendous blessing, but they can also make our life very difficult. But God is a God of relationships. Lets look at healthy, biblical principles together and learn how to apply them in our own lives as well as how to be a help for others.

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This school gives you a firm foundation and many tools to work with other people - whether you will be staff in a YWAM school or work in a cell group of your home church.

The Discipleship Training School (DTS or CDTS) is the prerequisite for this school.

Price drop !!!

In view of the strong Swiss Franc we have taken a step of faith by lowering our school fees by over 25%.

Can we invite you to trust that God will also be faithful to provide for you as you apply for our  FCM?
We're looking forward to welcoming you here  :-)

Course Details

01.04.2019 - 21.09.2019
Course Number: CNH 211 and 212
Language: English
UofN credits: 12 + 12 (outreach)
Lecture Phase Fee: 2'900 Swiss Francs (incl. tuition, room and board)
+80 for materials, books, etc.
(Category B: 2'200.-)
(Category C: 1'900.-)
Outreach Phase Fee: max. 2500.- Swiss Francs
plus airfare (all depending on location)
Prerequisits: Discipleship Training School(DTS) or Crossroads DTS (CDTS)

What is FCM?

Foundation for Counseling Ministry (former IBC) is designed as a six month training program with two distinct phases.

Lecture phase:

Phase one is a three-month classroom segment which utilizes lectures, discussions, workshops, small group interactions and personal study. The close community of students and staff provides an environment where the application of Biblical counseling skills can be worked out.

Outreach phase:                                              

Phase two is the field assignment. This provides a practical experience where the knowledge, skills and character qualities of a Biblical counselor learned in the lecture phase are put into practice in a mission field setting. Students will find enriching cross-cultural opportunities and challenging experiences of working on a team at one of the ministry locations around the world.


  • The Biblical perspective of the human personalitytl_files/A5-2.jpg
  • The Biblical foundations of Counseling
  • Healing through relationships
  • The restoration of the whole person.
  • Basic counseling skills and tools to work with.
  • Human reactions to hurt and rejection.
  • Gender awareness
  • Role of the Holy Spirit
  • Emotions and the renewing of the mind
  • Family systems
  • Understanding God's grace and extending it to others
  • Divine plumb line & the power of the Cross
  • Identity in Christ and Self awareness


This program has three primary goals

1. Personal Development

The student will learn an experiential understanding of Grace: developing a personal revelation of the reality of God's grace, and the ability to extend that grace to others. Healthy relationships and developing a mature Christian Identity, are emphasised.

2. Skill Development

The student will learn how to express warmth, respect and empathy in inter-personal relationships; develop active listening skills; use the tool of Biblical belief renewal for personal development and applying it to others; praying for healing in a variety of situations by invoking the presence of Jesus; Exercise influence through intercession.

3. Cognitive Developement

The student will learn the definition of counseling; God's character in relation to counseling; the work of the Cross and the work of the Holy Spirit in bringing redemption and forgiveness; the believer's identity in Christ; repentance and forgiveness and their relation to maturity; the specific, unique giftings of each individual.

Speaker Schedule example

Sept 25-29 Arrival, Orientation
Renewing the Mind
School Staff
Oct 2-6 Divine Plumbline Teaching Thomas Grunder CH
Oct 9-13 Divine Plumbline Ministry Thomas Grunder CH
Oct 16-20 Cross Christian Quartier CH
Oct 23-27 Destiny by Design Diane Kurtenbach
Oct 30- Nov 3 Active Listening Martin Bauert CH
Nov 6-10 Integration School Staff
Nov 13-17 Human and Spiritual Dev't Dr Linda Bubod PH
Nov 20-22 Art Therapy Dr Linda Bubod PH
Nov 23-26 Sense of being and well-being Cesli Vaccaro
Nov 29-Dec 1 To be finalized  
Dec 4-8 Family Systems Bob Hunter
Dec 11-15 Debriefing/Graduation School Staff
Dec 16 Departure Day