All Nations All Generations DTS (Discipleship Training School)


The All Nations All Generations DTS is a classic style DTS that builds on the premise that by living as a community we can all learn from each other, regardless of culture or age. Every nation, tribe and tongue reflects the character of God and by living together we enable each other to see the different facets of who He is. Singles, couples and families are all welcome. The students often range in age from 17 to 77.

The DTS is an entry level school and a prerequisite for all other YWAM courses. 



Course Details

There are no events for this year.
Course Number: DSP 211 & 212
Language: English / French
UofN credits: 12 + 8 (outreach)
Lecture Phase Fee: 3'690 Swiss Francs (incl. tuition, room and board)
Outreach Phase Fee: approx 2500.- Swiss Francs
plus airfare (depending on location)

What is DTS?

The DTS is the foundational course for all those entering YWAM and its global university.

This life- transforming school infuses students with a passion for Jesus, for youth and for missions…

  • equips people of various ages and levels of spiritual maturity to grow in their relationship with God and to develop Christ-like character.

  • awakens a burden for the world's lost and hurting people, showing how individuals can be an influence for redemptive change in whatever job or country or sphere of society God may call them to serve in. Helps build a solid Biblical foundation for life, including an understanding of the nature and character of God and how to apply his truth and wisdom in everyday life.

  • Challenges Christian men and women to become active in service to their local church, their local community and in world missions and evangelism.

  • Imparts an understanding of YWAM international, its foundational values, calling and opportunities for service.

YWAM co-founder Darlene Cunningham says of the DTS:

"I believe it is the most important ministry/program we have in the whole of YWAM, because it is the doorway into the mission and the University of the Nations. It is the foundation for everything, where people are met with faith, where they come to understand the history and values of YWAM; where they are presented with mission opportunities ... and it's where their own vision may be fueled." We do hope, you will find your Destiny in God through out the school and we will look forward to hear from you as you process your journey with the Lord. May God richly bless you as you are seeking his direction for your life!"

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The lecture phase:

Subjects include: Hearing the voice of God, Operating in the Prophetic, Prayer and Intercession, Daily walking with God, Worship, Spiritual Warfare, Identity, Father Heart of God, Missions and Evangelism, Relationships and Cultural Studies. For those who are thirsting for something deeper than just the 'every day' this foundational course will bring deeper intimacy, as we learn to hear the voice of God.



The "Lecture Phase" is followed by an eight-week outreach. We have often ministered in Africa, Europe and beyond. Our leaders pray together with the school staff, just before the lecture phase begins, about the locations. 

Departure for outreach will be on Sept. 20

Speaker Schedule (example)

June 30 - July 4 Plumbline / Pure Heart  
July 7 - 11 Listening to the voice of the LORD Donna Jordan
July 14 - 18 The Unconditional Love of God Eliane Lack
July 21 - 25 Bible Overview & Inductive approach of the Bible Sandrine Freymond
July 28 - August 1 Worship Rolf Schneider
Aug 4 - 5 Missions, YWAM DNA Loren Cunningham
Aut 6 - 8 Justice Water; Intimacy with God Tarjei & Kristin
Aug 11 - 15 Character & Nature of God Daniel Schaerer
Aug 18 - 22 Intimacy with God in Missions
(InTouch Camp)
Dan Baumann
Aug 25 - 29 Spritual Warfare Reona Joly
Sept 1 - 5 Holy Spirit Dudley Weiner
Sept 8 - 12 Mission, Ourtreach Joe Portale
Sept 15 - 19 Giving up Rights
Preparation for Africa
Raymond Serex
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Summer 2014 ANAG DTS Open Weeks

July 7-11 - Donna Jordan – Recognizing and listening to the voice of the Lord 

Donna, with her husband Peter and four children, came from Canada and helped pioneer the base in Kona more than 35 years ago. She teaches in many nations, to DTS’s, churches, and retreats on how to listen to God. Her heart is that all of God’s children learn to recognize His voice, have faith to believe they are hearing, and walk in obedience. She and Peter lead YWAM Associates International, which is a ministry of encouragement to those who have served and been to schools in YWAM. 

July 14-18—Eliane Lack – The Unconditional Love of God

Eliane was born and still lives near Lake Geneva, facing Mount Blanc. After serving as a nurse and doing a Bible School, she joined Youth with a Mission. For more than 30 years she has expressed several functions in teaching and leadership. Also in the area, with her husband Rudy, who unfortunately died in 2010, she travels on all the continents and even the oceans.

Since 2001, she is co-founder and is part of the leadership of “Women 2000” (movement of French-speaking women leaders). She is passionate for the unity of the Body of Christ and believes that women can plan an essential role in the domain. She also does “spiritual mentoring” and often leads prayer retreats with the goal of aiding the participants to pass from activism to fruitfulness. She renews herself by reading and by long walks in the Jura Mountains and the Alps.

July 21-25 – Sandrine Freymond - Bible Overwiew & Inductive approach of the Bible

Sandrine Freymond is Swiss and grew up in a beautiful little village in Switzerland. She says about herself: "I did King's Kids since I was old enough, following the steps of my sisters. I lead small groups, camps and summer outreaches in Switzerland and beyond (all the way to China).

I did my DTS in Los Angeles in 2006 and my outreach in Nepal. It was an incredible experience and it's during my outreach that God really put on my heart to study the Bible more in depth. In 2009, I did my SBS (School of Bible Studies) in England at the King's Lodge. This 9 months school gave me a deeper hunger for the Word for myself and to teach it to others. I then staffed two SBSs in England to strengthen my Bible knowledge before doing a program called "Titus Project" in 2012 where the goal is to bring sound doctrine and train bible teachers in places where people don't have much access to bible teaching. I went to Russia and Central Asia. I also worked with YWAM in Ukraine, helping with Bible teaching, SBS and Titus Project. And just recently I lead a BCC (Bible Core Course) in France.

My heart is to see as many people equipped with the Word of God with tools on how to read it and understand it, especially in the French-speaking world. At the moment I am working full time with the French online-SBS". 

July 28-Aug 1 – Rolf Schneider – Worship

Rolf is leader of the Music Department of Youth With A Mission French Ministries. He joined this mission in 1975. Since then he has not stopped investing in missions through his gifts in the French-speaking countries of the world.

Guitar player, singer, composer, teacher and evangelist, Rolf has many qualities in his service. He is appreciated for his messages, his worship leadership and his ministry expressed in many churches.

He composes many praise songs that are greatly appreciated and regularly sung in our churches. He has recorded numerous CD’s of worship and evangelism.

He is a faithful servant of God who continues his mission in service to the Body of Christ, especially in Switzerland, France and Africa.

August 4-5 – Loren Cunningham – World missions; the DNA of this mission

Loren and his wife Darlene are co-founders of Youth With A Mission. They currently live in Hawaii where they give leadership to the University of the Nations Kona campus. Loren’s extensive missionary travels have taken him to every country on earth. His ministry has taken him to some of the world’s poorest and neediest, as well as to kings, presidents and prime ministers. Loren will share on the new, cutting-edge developments in missions leading towards fulfilling Matthew 28:18-20 as it calls us to make disciples of all nations. His heart for the world will be an inspiration to all.

August 6-8 – Tarjei and Kristin Berge – Friendship with God and Justice Water

They were born in 1977 and come from Norway. They have three children Jonatan (11), Hanna (7) and Naomi (3). They have been married for 13 years. While in Norway, Kristin was a manager in a nursing home for older people and Tarjei was a house painter. Both felt God wanted them to do a DTS in Hawaii.

In 2011 they came to YWAM Kona to do an All Nations All Generations DTS. In the DTS they went on outreach to Shanghai China. During their time in Kona God called them to step out of the comfortable «normal» life in Norway and work full time for God. They responded to their calling and moved back to Kona to staff the ANAG DTS in 2012 and lead a team to Ghana.

Tarjei has also led a team of 34 Norwegians from his church on a mission trip to Ghana. They both have a passion to disciple young people and help them find their calling.

August 11-15 – Daniel Schaerer – the Character and Nature of God

A former English teacher in France, Daniel left his job to dedicate his life to young people. After launching and leading the ministry of YWAM France for 10 years, Daniel and his wife Maggie directed YWAM French Ministries worldwide. In the nineties they were led to start a house fellowship in their home at Saint Paul-Trois-Chateaux in southern France. This began a new vision of encouraging the Church to go back to its roots and rediscover the tremendous potential of house fellowships. During his more than 40 years in ministry, Daniel has learned much about the Character and Nature of God. His insights will inspire us to recognize and appreciate God’s amazing personality.

 August 18-22 – Dan Baumann – Intimacy with God in Missions

Dan was born and raised in California and became a follower of Jesus at a young age. While doing his DTS in Holland in 1982, Dan received a great burden for missions to Muslim people. He graduated from Wheaton University in 1987 with a business degree, applying it in missions as he worked for several years in Afghanistan with the Noor Hospital. He was imprisoned for his faith in Iran, but miraculously released after 9 weeks. Since then many doors have opened for him to speak and teach in various DTS’s. He has authored two books: Imprisoned in Iran and A Beautiful Way. 

August 25-29 – Reona Joly – Spiritual Warfare

Reona (Peterson) Joly was an early YWAM pioneer, well known for her dangerous, but prayer-guided outreach to Albania in the early 70s. Reona and Evey Muggleton Heckman never dreamed of the adventure and danger that lay before them as they attended a short-term mission school in Switzerland. Then, as the two young women sought God, they began to sense a burden for the mysterious, isolated nation of Albania - a nation unlike any other. In the 1970s Albania's leaders boasted that theirs was the only completely atheistic nation in the world. Closed to almost all outsiders, Albania particularly wanted no contact with Christians. Preaching the gospel in this communist country was punishable by death. Willing participants in God's plan, yet unsure of how He would lift their burden, Reona and Evey took the first small steps of faith. Through a miraculous set of events, the two young believers were drawn into the danger and intrigue of being God's undercover agents in a nation that officially despised Him. Her book ‘Tomorrow You Die’ came out of that experience. A New Zealander by birth, Reona’s husband Albert is Swiss, with pastoral and administrative giftings. The Joly family now live in England.

 September 1-5 – Dudley Weiner – the Holy Spirit

Dudley was born and grew up in a strong Catholic family of eight children in Los Angeles, California. While seriously involved in competitive athletics and mountain climbing during university, the power of Christ invaded his life and compelled him into the Kingdom and into an intimate relationship with the Father. Dudley and his wife Janet have brought the gospel to the red light district of Amsterdam and preached on the streets of Paris. They have ministered to Sherpas at Everest Base Camp, in Nepal and encouraged the believers on the Island of Yap in Micronesia. They have trained the affluent business community of Silicon Valley and taught local islanders on the islands of Vanuatu. They have ministered to prostitutes in Thailand and orphans in Cambodia. They have been missionaries for over 30 years. Dudley & Janet are currently providing leadership for YWAM Bridges of Life in the South of France. They teach on various aspects of intimacy with the Father which includes teaching on the Holy Spirit.

September 8-12 – Joe Portale – Missions/Pioneering new ministries

Joining YWAM in Europe in 1969, Joe and Judi Portale launched YWAM’s French Ministries in Switzerland, France and French West Africa.  Moving to Kona, Hawaii, they worked with the emerging university.  Joe and Judi were involved in the initial stages of YWAM’s ministry to refugees in Thailand and on the M/V Anastasis.  Joe developed The GO Manual and served as the International Associate Dean of the College /Faculty of Christian Ministries from 1986 to Feb. 2008.  They currently serve with UofN in Kona, Hawaii.  He’ll share principles and practical advice gained from his years of experience pioneering in our YWAM context.  Joe stresses the importance of the Word of the Lord and how to lead from our YWAM values in the midst of the challenges of a new location. 

September 15-19 – Raymond Serex – Giving up rights/prep for ministry on Outreach

Raymond has served in YWAM for 38 years, 15 of which were in French-speaking West Africa. He and His wife Irene are currently based in Lausanne, Switzerland. Raymond is serving as the International Coordinator for YWAM French Ministries. He also serves on the YWAM Africa Leadership Team. Raymond’s heart is to speak on behalf of the French speaking nations as part of his experience; give an echo of his journeys in French speaking countries; and draw attention towards the needs that he encounters in the field. He desires that YWAM in Africa should focus on the unreached and expand to establish ministries in every nation on the continent as it grows in unity and numbers. His spare time activities include: windsurfing, skiing, hiking in the mountains and dance.