We offer :

1.     Pastoral counselling, in the form of individual sessions, for those who, for example:

May be wanting to work on making deep changes in their lives, find themselves in a time of   questioning or transition, need support during a particular trial or time of grieving, are going through a difficult time in the areas of depression or identity crisis, or wish to deepen their spiritual life. You will be welcomed with respect and your situation treated confidentially.

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2.     Longer residential stays in our Community (possibility of 1-6 weeks in duration), with the purpose of:

Receiving personal care, support and counselling in a peaceful environment, with splendid views overlooking Lac Leman and the French Alps.

Spending time apart for oneself to seek God’s perspective in a difficult situation, with opportunity for prayer and ministry with an experienced counsellor.

Individual counselling will be determined on the basis of the needs and expectations of the guest.

These ministries are offered in the context of a YWAM base, thus each person will also have the opportunity of taking part in community meetings, as desired.

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3.     Seminars on “Divine Plumbline”, as developed by Dr. Bruce Thompson, for those who:

Wish to develop personally and spiritually through times of teaching and participation in personal ministry times.

Can set aside one evening a week for 8-9 weeks to review the foundations of one’s life according to the divine plumbline , as portrayed in Amos 7:7-9.